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[TIRTIR] Posture Supporting Chair

Since MCO started in mid-March 2020, working from home is the new norm. As we're at the comfort of our own home, we tend to feel relaxed, & many of us have unhealthy habits when it comes to sitting positions, such as sitting with crossed legs, back not adequately supported, hunchback, leaning forward, & so… Continue reading [TIRTIR] Posture Supporting Chair

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[GOLF PEBBLE] Golf For Beginners

Guide to Learn to Play Golf For Beginners Playing golf like a master does takes time, hence here is a short guide to learn to play golf for beginners. For beginners, golf may seem complicated. You need to overcome all the daunting elements that may have kept you from entering it so far and fully… Continue reading [GOLF PEBBLE] Golf For Beginners

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Amico, Choco, CoffeeMilk, Earl and The King are best friends. They like to gather together and chit chat to pass time, while waiting for their owner to pick them up and send them to work. Each time any of them is chosen, the rest will feel sad, because that would mean that they won't be… Continue reading [ARISSTO] RM 1 TO OWN A COFFEE MACHINE