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I love Salmon Sashimi, and it has always been one of my comfort food; whenever I am unhappy or stressed, I will give myself a good treat, and feel much better after a good meal. My friend recommended Shin Zushi Japanese Restaurant to my friend and I, saying that the restaurant serves nice Japanese cuisine… Continue reading [YUMZ] SHIN ZUSHI, BUKIT JALIL

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[YUMZ] LW Steamboat ~ 朝王 æ­£å®—猪肚鸡火锅

It was Mid-Autumn Festival [a.k.a. Mooncake Festival] on 4 October 2017; family members would gather together for dinner to celebrate the occasion. How was your celebration? I celebrated with my friend and she brought me to this steamboat place. I am not a fan of steamboat [especially those buffet style - this is not buffet style],… Continue reading [YUMZ] LW Steamboat ~ 朝王 æ­£å®—猪肚鸡火锅

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[YUMZ] Go Noodle House ~ 有間麵館 @ Setia City Mall

Legs up if you have not heard of Go Noodle House (GNH) 🙂 [At the time of posting, they are upgrading their website - A good friend of mine introduced me to this restaurant some time this year, or maybe last year. I cannot remember how many times I have visited this restaurant at… Continue reading [YUMZ] Go Noodle House ~ 有間麵館 @ Setia City Mall