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Holiday season is coming soon! I believe there are a lot of invites to parties, gatherings, dinners, events and even plans to travel; and I am pretty sure we want to look good! In order to look good, we need to put in some effort o 🙂 One of the best ways to take care… Continue reading [ID.AZ] FIT MASKS

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SWANICOCO is in town! Yes! Swanicoco, Korea's hottest brand in 2018 is in town! The good news for Malaysians is, we need not fly all the way to Korea or tumpang (ask for favour of) our friends in Korea to get it for us! 50Gram, Malaysia's first video bouquet, is the first company to launch… Continue reading [SWANICOCO] SHOW THE VELVET LIPSTICK

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[ALTHEA] Bare Essentials

Annyeonghaseyo! Shhhh....let me share with you some gossips today! We love gossips, don't we? Especially juicy ones, hehe 🙂 So, let's get started! Gossip #1 [Soup or Salad] ~ It is well known that Korean women have flawless skin and if we do a little read up on how to achieve that result, it requires… Continue reading [ALTHEA] Bare Essentials