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[TIRTIR] Posture Supporting Chair

Since MCO started in mid-March 2020, working from home is the new norm. As we're at the comfort of our own home, we tend to feel relaxed, & many of us have unhealthy habits when it comes to sitting positions, such as sitting with crossed legs, back not adequately supported, hunchback, leaning forward, & so… Continue reading [TIRTIR] Posture Supporting Chair

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[] Mind Mapping 101

Just few days ago, my hubby told me that he attended training about mind mapping few years ago & he found that mind mapping is very useful in many ways; coincidentally, I was also attending an online course about mind mapping through an online learning platform ~ Mind Mapping 101 by FC Hong on… Continue reading [] Mind Mapping 101

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[MALINE FURNITURE] Home Makeover with Maline

A bit too late, but Happy New Year 2021 everyone! I hope everyone is doing all right 🙂 If you've been following me on my Instagram, you'll probably know that I did a huge spring cleaning last year, as I'll be moving out from my house soon, and move to JB for good 😦 One… Continue reading [MALINE FURNITURE] Home Makeover with Maline