About Me

Prior to YREVIEWME, I write reviews on FB pages, Tripadvisor and other mediums; in a discussion with two (2) friends on this topic, a thought came to mind – why not I have my own blog? In a haste, I created YREVIEWME on 13 July 2017. This is a Blog where I write reviews on activities, books, entertainment, food, places, products and services.

As I progress, I start to collaborate with brands and PR representatives; therefore, I expand my sharing to content sharing, press release, events et cetera. I have also broaden my category of sharing to lifestyle, travel, beauty, health and fitness.

Just a little bit about myself ~ I grew up in Petaling Jaya, a city in Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia. An introvert (sometimes an ambivert), I have interest in many things ~ music, reading, running, yoga, knitting, adult colouring, shopping, chatting et cetera. I work full time, so blogging/writing is one of my interests as well.

I like to keep myself healthy, because I believe that “health is wealth“. I join a gym but prefer to run/walk at the park because I love fresh air. I also enjoy “me-time”, because it is crucial for me to recharge my energy before I become “active” again. So, if you find me quiet, that is because I am “busy” recharging myself 🙂

If you like to get in touch with me, I love to hear from you! For advertorials, sponsorships, event invites, food/product reviews or any other possible collaborations and opportunities, please contact me at acwyreviews@gmail.com 🙂

Hope you will enjoy YREVIEWME as much as I enjoy sharing 🙂