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[GOLF PEBBLE] Golf For Beginners

Guide to Learn to Play Golf For Beginners

Playing golf like a master does takes time, hence here is a short guide to learn to play golf for beginners.

For beginners, golf may seem complicated. You need to overcome all the daunting elements that may have kept you from entering it so far and fully enjoy yourself in golf.

Adult Golf Lesson at Shah Alam

Have a good long look at these guidelines to play golf especially if you are a beginner in golf.

  • Get a golf coach

Don’t feel embarrassed to find a coach if you know nothing about golf. You can train yourself on the proper golf swing foundation only with a suitable golf instructor or an introductory golf lesson. A golf pro can teach you something according to your skill level and you can learn new things.

  • Deciding on golf lessons

Traditionally, golf courses are conducted in one of two main ways: private or group lessons. Which is better? This does not have a definite answer, it depends on your budget and timing. Everyone agrees that group golf lessons are usually a lower cost option. In contrast, private lessons provide the advantage of one-to-one learning from the coach and the coach can focus 100% on the student.

  • Practice, Practice, Practice

Like the saying goes, “practice makes perfect”. You can practice alone on your own after golf lessons to improve your game. The more you practice, the better and faster you can improve your skills.

  • Ladies golf lessons and junior golf lessons

This can allow you to participate in the lessons that are designed specifically for you. These are a more customisable option which are built according to the ideology of what women or children need. For kids, joining junior golf lessons can be fun.

Ladies’ Golf Lesson at Damansara
  • Learn the basics

Learning to play golf can be simple. You need to learn the basics first before going deeper to the next step. A beginner golfer should always practice and have a good grip on golf swing, stand and posture.

  • Rent a golf club from golf school before buying one of your own

As a beginner, you don’t have to own one first, you can opt to borrow a set of golf clubs from a friend or rent one from the golf academy.

Golfing is a popular pastime for several reasons. Most people play golf for their enjoyment to relieve themself after a long day of work and tension. Players need to spend a lot of time walking which benefits your heart and lungs.

If you’re interested in beginning your golf journey in Kuala Lumpur or Selangor, do contact the Golf Pebble team to find out more details of their golf lessons for beginners.


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