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Virtual Run is getting more popular these days as it is convenient and flexible – participants are able to run at anytime, anywhere, and at their own pace; so long as the distance challenged (ranging from 5km and above) is completed within the timeline given, participants are able to receive the entitlements – usually a finisher medal and/or finisher tee.

The aim, I believe, is to encourage and motivate more people to enjoy running (some may be discouraged to join an actual running event, so this is a good start). As for myself, joining Virtual Runs is one of the ways for me to keep running, besides collecting medals and finisher tees.

Few months ago, I participated in a Virtual Run – the 100km in 100 days Challenge. Usually the organizers allow participants to screenshot our results from any running apps but for this, we were required to use their mobile app – Biib+.

“Biib+ is a platform that helps people to get into running with exciting challenges, races and locally connected running news.”

When you open the app, this is the page that will be shown which basically has the basic information and gives a brief summary of total runs and the total duration


When you click further, our Profile will be shown, with information such as our Height, Weight and Gender; then there is also Run History, Total Run Duration, Total Run Distance and Total Calories Burnt.

Run History
Total Run Duration, Total Run Distance and Total Calories Burnt, together with its average calculation
When you click on a date with a red dot in the Calendar, a summary of your session will be shown
A summary at the end of the session
As I have joined a challenge, they will have a summary of the Challenge for us to keep track
Yay, I have completed the Challenge 🙂
The Reward 😀

The app is okay and pretty accurate (I on Strava at the same time) but what I do not like about the app is perhaps the inconsistency on the record of the distance. For instance, I have completed 5.00 km but when the app updates the record, there could be a 0.01 difference; which to me is quite annoying as I try to make it a round figure all the time ~ Let’s say I ran 5.00km but it was recorded as 4.99km and the next round I tried to run the extra 0.01km so that I could make it round figure again but when the record was updated, the total distance was not a round figure. This happened a few times during the last challenge; hope this has improved 🙂

As for the finisher items, I was quite disappointed with the quality. For the price we were paying [RM59.00 (early bird)] and considering that this was not an actual running event, I was expecting better quality medal and tee. To be fair, perhaps the funds went to the improvement of the mobile app.

All right, finally I have done this review; apologies for the delay. I know that by this time, this is kinda outdated. Since this was my promise, better be late than never *shy smile* 🙂

Good night peeps 🙂






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[SERVICE & APPAREL] 2L Fashion & Beauty

Woo Hoo!! Chinese New Year (CNY) is coming soon, are you ready for it? 😀

One of the Chinese’s tradition is purchasing new clothing and shoe, as it symbolises a new start. My family does not practise this tradition and I do not know about this until I started college, when my friends asked if I have bought any new clothing for CNY. *scratch head wondering why I need to buy new clothes*

Fast forward, I will normally buy one (1) or two (2) pieces, just to celebrate the occasion 🙂 This year, I shopped at 2L Fashion and Beauty Puchong (2L) and managed to get a few pieces 🙂

It is comfortable to shop at 2L; sometimes we may feel intimidated when sales assistants follow us closely and that make our shopping experience turn out to be stressful and unpleasant, but you would not feel so at 2L.

The sales assistants are helpful and friendly. They will help to bring the clothes that you have chosen to the fitting room, and when are you trying out the clothes, they will help you with the fitting, and give you advice and opinions. I kinda like the personalised service that they provide and most of all, I feel comfortable. They will also bring more clothes for you to try, haha 😀

These are the few pieces that I tried *shy* 🙂

They provide larger sizes to cater for our sisters who are of larger frame, which I think is great. Although I personally think that their price is slightly pricey, I believe that with the service provided and the quality of the apparels, it is worth the price 🙂 Oh, they provide free altering service too! According to the sales person, we can go back to them even when the button comes off. Excellent service? 😀

I saw the founder, Datin Sofia Lau on that day and she was busy servicing customers together with her teammates. I must say I was inspired by her humbleness and team spirit! Oh, she chose the polka dot top for me, is it nice? 😀

So, if you have not started shopping for CNY clothes, do consider dropping by at 2L 🙂 They have 13 outlets nationwide and for more information, you can check their website @ and their FB 🙂


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[YUMZ] Juice Works – Prosperity Juice

McDonald’s Prosperity Burger’s advertisement can be seen everywhere now and Juice Work’s Prosperity Juice is back too 😀

To usher in the start of a prosperous Chinese New Year, Juice Works Malaysia are bringing back their most popular Chinese New Year drink, the Prosperity Juice!

JW18 Prosperity Juice - A3 Output

If you like mandarin orange, guava, strawberry and lychee, then you will like this delicious, fragrant and refreshing sorbet combo that will get you all geared up to embrace the best that the new year will bring. Sounds good, isn’t it? 😀

So, why these fruits and not others?

Mandarin orange ~ This beautiful, seasonal fruit is low in calories, full of fibre and Vitamin C and A. Chinese New Year is incomplete without a mandarin orange or two. Hehe 🙂

Guava ~ Regarded as a heart-healthy fruit, the guava is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, and potassium, which are great antioxidants and detoxifiers.

Lychee ~ Packed with Vitamin C, potassium and fibre, it is also a great source of disease-fighting flavonoids. It also has magnesium copper, iron, manganese and folate — all essential for blood circulation and formation!

Strawberry ~ Juicy, fragrant and red, this delicate fruit is not just counted among the top 5 best antioxidant fruits in the world, but also found to be able to control or reduce blood sugar spike from excess intake of sugar! Given its amazing store of phytonutrients, there is also rising research interest in the fruit’s anti-inflammatory properties!

The drink comes in three sizes (all prices quoted are inclusive of GST):

Junior (250ml and great for kids!) – RM8.95;
MIDI (450ml) – RM10.95; and
Power (600ml) – RM12.95

AND >>> THIS special drink is available only for a limited period, from Jan 12, 2018 – till Feb 28, 2018. So get yours today and get an exclusive set of ang pow packets for FREE, while stocks last.

AND >>> Juice Works has just launched their new out at DC Mall with exclusive drinks only available at DC Mall’s Juice Works.

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Greetings 🙂

We like to say, “New Year, New Beginning”. Four (4) days has passed, how is 2018 treating you?

The reason I have been quiet lately is because things are not very smooth at my end, especially on my work; so I have been very down, demotivated, negative about many things et cetera.

Is 2018 going to be better for me? We have heard that there may be economy crisis this year, and many more will be retrenched. The future seems bleak and uncertain; but what we can do is to keep thinking positive and try to attract as much positive energy as possible 🙂

2017 has passed, so let’s move forward 🙂

In 2018, I am planning to do a few things:

  1. Save more money, control on retail therapy (It is therapeutic, I know, but must learn to love my wallet this year);
  2. Plan a solo trip to somewhere nearby and affordable;
  3. Learn to think quickly and act/speak wisely;
  4. Focus more on YREVIEWME. I started this Blog in July 2017 as a hobby/interest, perhaps it is time to get serious :);
  5. Join less running events, and focus more on being healthy; I was a medal collector till the last quarter of last year, when I started to feel bored of running and decided try something else to keep myself active ~ zumba and yoga 🙂

YREVIEWME was quite scattered last year, so I hope this year I would be able to find a clearer direction and hope my readers will continue to support me because that is one of my source of motivation and encouragement 🙂

Cheers to a better year 😀



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[MOVIE] Remember Me, Before We Forget

If one day…

Someone who matters to you has forgotten you… or
You have forgotten someone who matters to you…

The person who is being forgotten would surely feel sad, even when it is unintentional 😦

Disney-Pixar’s Coco, is about the death (father) and the living (daughter) – the daughter, due to old age, is forgetting about the father day by day; whereas in the Malaysian movie, The Kid from the Big Apple 2: Before We Forget (TKFTBA2), it is about a father/grandfather who is showing signs of dementia and his family is trying to cope with the condition.


Source: Internet


There was a short playing of Frozen before the Coco starts, and I find it quite enjoyable. The character Coco, has only a few scenes in the movie and towards the end, we will know why the movie is about her.

Movie Info:
Despite his family’s baffling generations-old ban on music, Miguel (voice of newcomer Anthony Gonzalez) dreams of becoming an accomplished musician like his idol, Ernesto de la Cruz (voice of Benjamin Bratt). Desperate to prove his talent, Miguel finds himself in the stunning and colorful Land of the Dead following a mysterious chain of events. Along the way, he meets charming trickster Hector (voice of Gael García Bernal), and together, they set off on an extraordinary journey to unlock the real story behind Miguel’s family history.

The concept of the film is based on the Mexican holiday of Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) and the story is about a family in Mexico, who is in the shoe-making business; music is banned in the family because the family matriarch’s husband left her and her daughter Coco, to pursue a career in music.

It is in the Land of the Dead that we see a family will always be a family, even when there are grudges, there will always be love and reconciliation. It also reminds us to be careful of who we trust and many a times, things are not what it seems to be ~ Miguel mistakens Ernesto to be his great grandpa but turns out Ernesto is the devil who caused his family to have misunderstood his great grandpa, Hector and also to have caused Hector‘s death. There are lots of twist and turns in the movie, and towards the end, when Hector is in danger of being forgotten (by Coco – the only living person who remembers him) and disappearing (forever), his wife gives Miguel her blessing to return to the Land of Living, where Miguel plays the song which Hector wrote for Coco when she was young (Remember Me) for Coco and that sparks her memory of Hector and revitalises her (and Hector does not have to disappear).

If you have watched Coco, I think you would agree with me that the animation was fascinating, especially in the colourful Land of the Dead. The story is very touching, notably when Coco remembers Hector, and when the family is “complete” at the end of the movie. I saw many sniffing in the cinema (me included) 🙂 I love the songs too and am already listening to it on Spotify 🙂


Source: Internet

At old age, we are bound to have sickness and it is common that we hope our next of kin would not suffer due to our sickness. How do we cope with it? How do our loved ones cope with it?

TKFTBA2 is a sequel to the critically acclaim TKFTBA which was shown in 2016. I love the first – it was entertaining, funny; at the same time touching and heartwarming. A family drama that every young and old would enjoy.

Sifu Lim [Ti Lung] moves to a condo and starts forgetting things; Ah Bao [Jayson Tan] informs Sifu Lim‘s grand-daughter, Sarah [Sarah Tan] [who is back in Malaysia for holiday with her mother, Sophia [Debbie Goh] (replaces Jessica Hester Hsuan)] and both of them work together to help her grandpa improve his memory.

Their effort is commendable, albeit unwise; after all, they just want to help Sifu Lim, who asks them not to tell Sophia about it. I admire Sarah, as she copes with accepting that her grandpa may forget her soon due to dementia, she is still the sunshine in the family. She puts in effort to jot down the details and memories in her little journal, displays photos in the living room et cetera, in the hope that grandpa will remember her and the family. Even though Ah Bao and Sarah‘s scenes are lesser than the first, they do light up the mood in the otherwise tear-jerking reality based movie.

Family, is not only about blood relationship. In this movie, we also see how Sifu Lim’s neighbours care for him, and the closeness of their relationship is undeniable. I admit that I cried during the photo taking scene. It is truly a blessing to have so many people care for you, and treat you as part of their family 🙂

We see Sophia a lot in this sequel, as compared to the first. Personally, I think Jessica Hester Hsuan would fare better, but Debbie Goh is not too bad either. Here, we see how Sophia, as a tough lady, coping with her father’s deteriotating health condition, and at the same time, dealing with her emotional past. We get to understand what happened between Sophia and her ex-lover, Hao Nan [Shaun Tam] in the past, and how both of them reconciled at the end of the movie.

This movie is not as light as the first, it is rather heavy and to include everything in 1 hour 55 minutes, is just too short; perhaps some scene should be shorter, such as Ivy‘s [Lenna Lim] wedding, the process of the video-shooting done by the neighbour et cetera.

The subtitle of this movie is “Before We Forget“, so it is understandable that Sifu Lim is the main focus in the movie and the story revolves around how Sifu Lim, Sophia and Sarah facing it together as a family. Ti Lung, being an experienced actor, his acting is unquestionable.

However, this sequel also focuses on Sophia; which in a good way, there is a closure about her relationship with Hao Nan, which was left “hanging” in the first movie. I cannot seem to relate this with the subtitle though, perhaps the idea is to fulfill Sifu Lim‘s wish that his daughter will be taken care of when he cannot do so himself.

The movie is enjoyable, not to mention touching as well. When I entered the cinema, I was expecting it to be like the first movie. I did not expect that this sequel is going to be poignant and the focus is on the adults instead of the kids. Nonetheless, this movie is realistic and certainly reminds us to cherish our loved ones, and one day, even when our memory fades, family will always be there for us. Ah, and love conquers all ~ Sophia and Hao Nan reconciled after they have clarified the misunderstanding they had in the past. Sometimes, it takes only one misunderstanding to affect a relationship *shrug*.


Whether it is Remember Me, or Before We Forget, both Coco and TKFTBA2 remind us to love and appreciate our loved ones before it is too late. Also, not to draw a conclusion without understanding the whole situation ~ Hector and his wife, Sophia and Hao Nan.


*This is my second attempt in writing a movie review, and I know there is still lots of room for improvement ~ will keep trying 🙂

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[SPORTS APPAREL] ash be nimble

By the time this post is published, the brand ash be nimble is no longer available in the market. Somehow, I have the urge to post this anyway, because the product is so good, and it is a pity to see it go 😦

That is the not-so-good news, and the good news is, we will still hear from ash be nimble, as they are heading towards a new direction in January 2018 – they will focus on “inspirational storytelling in the health and fitness area”. So, maybe you want to like their on Facebook and follow them on Instagram to find out more 🙂

I am looking forward to their new direction, as I know that the founder, Hui Mathews, is a trail runner; surely we will benefit and be inspired in many ways 🙂 I admire her courage to start something from scratch and I believe that she did well; at the same time, it is understandable why she is shifting directions for ash be nimble.

If you have not heard of ash be nimble, it is a local (Malaysia) sports apparel brand founded in March 2014. The brand aims to provide affordable (below RM100-00), practical and stylish sports apparel for ladies, and it has expanded its range to cater for men, kids and muslimah.

I have heard of the brand few years ago and have heard many positive feedback from friends who have tried the apparel, but it is only this year that I started to make my purchase.

Getting bored with my usual running gear (my collection of running vests from events that I have participated and a few dark coloured shorts and pants), I added on some variations to my current wardrobe.

Top Left: Adeline 7/8 Leggings in Navy & Neon Pink Fox Tank – Top Right: Skirt in Lime – Bottom Right: My Moving Out Haul – Bottom Left: Navy Fox Tank Malaysia Edition & Christina Skort

I like ash be nimble‘s bottoms, because it is very practical – with its 6-inch pocket, I am able to run hands free. The material is breathable and stretchy – think about running in hot weather and doing the cool down stretch or even yoga.

As for the tops, the material is thin and hence it is cooling to run in it. I bought one long sleeve top and cannot wait to try it because of the scorching hot weather that we can hardly avoid in our country. The material is not as thin as the tank tops but there have been positive reviews on it, so yea, let me get back to you on that 🙂

I wish ash be nimble all the best in their future endeavours 🙂

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[YUMZ] Chong Kok Kopitiam

Hello 🙂 Hehe, this is actually a throwback; I went to this kopitiam some weeks ago but it was so good so I really want to share with all of you about this traditional kopitiam 🙂

On one Saturday morning, I was in Klang; so I searched Google to see if there was any nice makan place in Klang. I found this place called Chong Kok Kopitiam and decided to pay a visit 🙂

It was raining on that morning, and I thought maybe the place would be less crowded but I was wrong! Haha, Malaysians do love good food and nothing could stop us from filling our tummy with yummy breakfast 😀

When I arrived, I saw a long queue at stall selling nasi lemak outside the kopitiam. I decided to join the queue first as I really wanted to try out the famous nasi lemak before they were sold out and I got the nasi lemak with chicken rendang 😀

As we know, nasi lemak is a Malay fragrant rice dish cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaf. The smell of it was so good and really boosted my appetite that morning; and the fragrant rice blended so well with the rich and flavorful chicken rendang ~ the thought of it makes me wanna have it again!!

I took the plate of nasi lemak into the kopitiam (we need to pay at the stall) and started looking for an empty space. Bloggers have informed us that we need to share table because we cannot be so kiasu to occupy the whole table for ourselves, so I joined two uncles and one aunty, who were generous enough to buy me breakfast that morning 🙂

I ordered a cup of kopi-O kau, two soft-boiled eggs and roti bakar (toast) (the uncles and aunty gave me a surprised look) *sheepish smile* and have a look at these:

This was like my cheat day, haha! Normally I don’t eat this much but once in a while, just relax a bit and enjoy life 🙂

I love the aroma of the coffee, my usual order would be kopi-O kosong but I wanted to try the famous one and was glad that it was not too sweet for me. As for the eggs, need I say more? 🙂 I am quite particular about the kaya-butter in the toast and this one was lovely, yumz 🙂

The uncles and aunty were kind enough to wait for me to finish my breakfast (they just had coffee since they had bak kut teh for breakfast). We chatted and get to know one another. I was shy to take a photo with them for memory though 🙂

After a hectic week at work, this really made my day; although I try not to, but binging on food is one of the ways to release stress, do you agree? 🙂

Want to pay a visit? The details as follow:

Address: 5, Jalan Stesen, Kawasan 1, 41000 Klang, Selangor
Contact Number: 03-3371 0996