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Once, I dropped my parking ticket and was searching frantically for my ticket before I finally found it in the middle of the road (I must have dropped it when I was crossing the road). Phew, thank God!

Another time, I was carrying many things and I thought it would be more convenient if I take out my ticket and pay at autopay machine first. Then I decided to keep the things in my car before I return to the mall and pay for my parking. Oh no! I could not find my ticket! I traced back the journey and walked back and forth numerous times before I finally found the ticket in my car! Stressed!!!

Like many ladies, my bag is “bottomless” and my friends always asked me, “you keep gold in your bag ah? It is so heavy!!” So you can imagine how I struggle digging out things from my bag, haha!

Thanks toย kiplePark, a wholly-owned brand of Green Packet Berhad (“Green Packet”), those who have similar experiences like me will be able to keep calm and chill soon ๐Ÿ™‚

Want to know why?
kiplePark has launched the Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) System and it is claimed to be the FIRST LPR technology in Malaysia. Sounds cool? Looks like the whole parking experienced will be transformed!

KiplePark, Malaysia's 1st license plate recognition

How does it work?
kiplePark LPR is driven by artificial intelligence (“AI”) technology that works through an AI camera, centralized management portal, e-wallet and digital payments. kiplePark LPR has captured and learned images of more than one million car licence plates in Malaysia and to-date, it has achieved more than 99% accuracy rate in reading the numbers of the car licence plates.

It is a highly user-friendly system where users only need to register their car licence plate number using the kiplePark app. Upon entering the car park, users will receive a notification and e-ticket on kiplePark app and during exit, kiplePark LPR system will automatically scan the car licence plate number and payment will be automatically deducted from the user’s e-wallet (this feature is currently pending approval from BNM). Alternatively, the user may choose to pay manually via the e-wallet before exiting the car park.

KiplePark has achieved moroe than 99% accuracy rate in reading the numbers of car license plates

Is this safe? What if my car is stolen in the car park?
You may have this question in mind. Fret not, kiplePark has given thought about this, so there is a security feature which allows users to “lock” their cars from leaving the venue – this can prevent potential car thefts so long as the cars are parked in the car parks; just make sure that you remember to “unlock” your car upon exiting, otherwise you can’t leave the car park too! ๐Ÿ™‚

What if a stranger registers my car licence plate number on his/her app? This is risky!
Rest assured that only ONE car licence plate number can be registered in one account, this is to prevent cloning. To those of you who own more than one car, no worries, as one account allows registration for up to three car licence plate numbers.

What if I forgot to “unlock” my car or the auto-payment didn’t get thru at exit?
Help is just a call way; just press the button at the exit and you will be rescued ๐Ÿ™‚

I am not an “app” person. This is too troublesome, I prefer the traditional method.
No worries, you can still pay at the autopay machine by keying in your car licence plate number ๐Ÿ™‚

My car plate number is not clear/standard, will the system be able to scan it?
kiplePark assures that the system can recognise licence plates that are unclear, broken plates and those that are not in accordance with the standard forms.

kiplePark LPR is developed specifically to serve building, property management and parking owners better, and it can be deployed in both indoor and outdoor parking facilities.

Edisijuta is the first parking operator to provide a seamless parking operation and experience to users using kiplePark LPR technology. Presently, kiplePark LPR is undergoing trial and testing stages at other sites in Klang Valley, Penang, Johor Bahru and Kota Kinabalu.

Mike Lee, COO of KiplePay said 'kiplePark is not just about paying parking tickets but it also provides a security feature which allows the users to lock their cars from leaving the venue
Mike Lee, CEO of Kiplepay Sdn Bhd

Mike Lee, the Chief Operating Officer of Kiplepay Sdn Bhd, said – “Having evaluated the needs of the fast-paced society today and coupled with our strong belief that every human must thrive with life improving digital innovations, kiplePark LPR sets to provide a VIP experience to the users where they can enter and exit car parks without much hassle“.

kiplePark is a technology partner that helps parking operators to improve the parking operation while maximising ROI of the invested parking equipment. It delivers smart parking experience where everyone can drive, park and exit like VIP.

Check out the videoย by kiplePark to see how the whole thing works ๐Ÿ™‚

So, having reading the above, are you ready for cashless, cardless and ticketless payment system?

Check out the following:

LPR sites:
1) Fahrenheit88
2) Bukit Jalil City

Scan & Pay sites:ย 
1) Amcorp Mall outdoor car park
2) VSQ @ PJ City Centre
3) Menara Standard Chartered
4) Jalan Pudu Lama
Valet sites:
explore sites by clicking the map in the app

About kiplePark

kiplePark parking solution is one of the key digital innovation products amongst all Kiple brands. Designed specifically to enhance the parking experience for building, property management owners and parking operators, kiplePark integrates a payment service for merchants and consumers to create a holistic digital payment ecosystem within a specific geographical area.

kiplePark initial product proposition allows parking fee payments through scanning the barcode on a parking ticket. In 2019, kiplePark further enhances the ticketless parking solution through LPR technology. It encompasses an AI camera technology, centralized management portal, e-wallet and digital payments as one of the first complete โ€œcashless, cardless and ticketlessโ€ parking solutions in Malaysia.

KiplePark reveals first license plate recognition (LPR) system in Malaysia.jpg

All photos are provided by kiplePark.ย