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Looking for a mask that moisturizes your skin, and at the same time you are concern about the ingredients? I have one to recommend and let’s see if this is for you πŸ˜‰

Formulated with technology from Japan Edo under the guidance of Fuburg International Holding (US), Le Shenz Moisturizing Pearl Mask contains plant extract which moisturize and brighten dull skin. The fiber sheet is produced under patented technology which can provide 13 times water absorption and longer moisture retention time. That’s not all, the pearl extract will restore your skin by replenishing and hydrating your skin.

Wow, that sounds awesome right? I had the opportunity to try it and let me show you the difference:


On certain days, I will apply a clarifying mask before I apply moisturizing mask. This is because I could feel that my pores are clogged; my skin is smoother and softer after clearing the impurities. You can see that there are red patches around my face after the clarifying mask, probably due to my sensitive skin.

received_16426602091975589036272923405511649.jpegSo, after my face is cleaned by applying the clarifying mask, I spread the Le Shenz Moisturizing Pearl Mask evenly on my face and waited for 15 minutes before I dabbed my face gently prior to removing the mask. I have a big face, so if you have a big face like me, no worries as the sheet is big enough to fit those with big face πŸ™‚

I am still mastering the skill to apply the sheet mask evenly on my face, haha; I hope practice makes perfect! πŸ˜‰


Ta-daa, my face is brighter and looks more moisturized after applying the mask! I love the result, and as you can see, the red patches disappear!

This Le Shenz Pearl Moisturizing Mask is healthy for the skin as it is:

  • Alcohol and Mineral Oil Free
  • Fragrance Free
  • Fluorescent Agent Free
  • Hormone Free

There are seven (7) essences in this piece of Mask:

Rich in elements, contains more than 10 kinds of essential amino acids, trace elements and calcium

Effectively repair sensitive skin, reduce skin rash and facial redness, adjust uneven skin tone

Obtain organic certification by the European Union; with anti-oxidation, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect

Natural produce unique moisturizing molecules as grown in the dry desert

Rich in herbal nutrition, can help to balance the skin nutrition

Enhance the skin resistance, ease sensitive skin, moisturize and delay the effect of aging

Moisturizing, soothing and smoothing skin, reducing inflammation and wrinkles

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